A Saint in Brown Sandals

Eleven-year-old Rabi thinks it would be wonderful to be like her classmate Maybelline – rich, pretty and popular with everyone in the school. As her school’s big event on television draws closer, Rabi realizes she has only one chance to be a star. Where will she shine best? Will it be if she follows in Maybelline’s dainty footsteps? Or will it be if she dares to run along as herself?

Award: Macmillan Writer’s Prize for Africa 2006.



The Twelfth Heart

When Mercy came to her new school near Accra, she knew exactly the sort of friends she wanted to make: certainly, no-one who reminded her of the small town she had left behind – poor, ugly and dull. She did not realize that true friendship comes from the heart and that the least likely of the twelve girls in her dormitory would come to mean the most to them all.

Anyone who has been to a boarding school will identify with the characters in the story until its poignant end.

Award: The Burt Award for Young Adult Literature 2010.



The Dorm Challenge

One bad friend and one desperate friend. Mercy could change their lives. The problem is she doesn’t know it. Mercy isn’t going to embarrass herself by speaking in a school competition just so her House can win the Dorm Cup.

No way!

There are better things she could do− like hanging out with her ultra-cool buddy Perry.

But when she is thrust into the Dorm Challenge she discovers that the prize for speaking up is more precious than a trophy. And the prize for listening properly can mean more than anything in the world.

Award: The Burt Award for Young Adult Literature 2013.



Rattling in the Closet

It’s election term in St Felice and there is a tight race for prefects’ positions. Fun-loving Mercy is set to form a winning team with her best buddy Perry. That’s the plan –until the “phen-aah-menal” Salvina springs into the picture. Suddenly, no one in St Felice is certain of anything anymore.

Who is this girl, Salvina, anyway? Can Mercy and her friends afford to watch her trample on their dreams? Torn between truth and lies, how far will Mercy go to protect her hopes, her best friend, and her own carefully kept secret?

Award: The Burt Award for Young Adult Literature 2016.



 The Lion’s Whisper

Leo and David, both fifteen years old, are neighbors who are divided by more than just a wall.

When David unexpectedly reaches out to him, Leo hesitantly accepts and David soon becomes a secret brother, helping Leo overcome a paralyzing fear from his past. Leo embarks with David on a mission to root out the answer to a mystery that has tormented David for years. Their friendship is tested beyond reasonable limits as hatred and betrayal pitch first their families, and ultimately the boys themselves, against each other. Then a bloody military coup rips Leo’s world apart, and he has to find the courage he never had before… and an ally. But after so many years of bitterness, can Leo afford to forgive and trust his family’s enemy?

Award: Burt Award for African Young Adult Literature, 2018




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