Flying up the Mountain.

Ato and his friends Dzifa and Leslie have been selected to visit Nnoma, the bird sanctuary that Ato’s father helped build before he died. Ato is convinced that his father hid something valuable on the island, meant only for him. When the trio arrives at Nnoma with other children from across West Africa, they are split into teams and given missions to help broaden their knowledge of nature. The winners will become Asafo—ambassadors of Nnoma and defenders of the Earth. But then the adults running Nnoma start behaving erratically and Ato suspects foul play. When the trio uncovers a sinister plot to exploit the sanctuary, Ato and his friends must work together to protect it—and his father’s legacy.




I enjoyed this sequel to "Crossing the Stream", celebrating as Ato finally gets to visit the island refuge his dad helped create. But I felt the mystery aspect was weaker. It didn't really develop until later in the book and then the ending seemed very rushed. Still, I would love to go visit Nnoma, as will many middle grade readers, especially those interested in Ghana and in how kids can make a difference for sustainability. Fans of the first book will want to read this.